Kindred Pride Foundation

Client Background

The KindRED Pride Foundation has a mission to bring the community together to support LGBTQIA+ causes through various events. Inspired by the tradition of the original “Gay Day at Magic Kingdom” in Orlando, which started over 30 years ago with a small group of people wearing red shirts to identify each other, it has now grown to be a national initiative to support the community.

Project Scope

We were tasked with creating a website for The KindRED Pride Foundation that showcased their mission, and values, and included a functioning online shop for their classic red shirts. The main message they wanted the world to receive was their commitment to promoting kindness and inclusivity.


Challenges and Solutions

Our team’s main challenge with this project was to deliver their message kindly, capturing the attention of potential volunteers and community members. We addressed this by using their iconic red color for a minimalistic design with bold splashes of color, reflecting the vibrancy of the LGBTQIA+ community, while still maintaining their message in the center stage. Additionally, we incorporated a user-friendly online retail shop to allow visitors to easily support the foundation’s initiatives.


The KindRED Pride Foundation’s new website easily reflects their mission and values and allows users to support and participate in their causes through their online shop. With its minimalistic design, vibrant colors, and engaging copy, the website effectively communicates their commitment to promoting kindness.

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