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Hey, that’s me!
Jonathan Morris,
founder of Baycoast Media


Your Story, Powerfully Told Online

Do you worry that your website is outdated and may be giving a bad impression?

Is your website an asset where connections are made and bonds are forged or is it a place where traffic goes to die?

I understand. It’s so frustrating! The first websites we built looked nice, but suffered from bad performance. We experienced:

  • Poor Conversion Rates: Difficulty turning visitors into customers or leads, possibly due to unclear calls-to-action or a lack of trust signals.
  • Low Website Traffic: Struggling to attract visitors to their website due to poor search engine visibility or lack of content.
  • Outdated Designs: An old or unprofessional website design that doesn’t reflect the brand well or meet current user expectations.

Introducing Our New Expert Positioning System

That’s until we developed a proven road map and an expert positioning system that ensures your prospects find and engage with you.

Imagine having a website so impactful, it draws leads in effortlessly. Visitors feel compelled to engage with your brand as soon as they land. We take you from “one of many” to “the only choice” in the minds of your prospects.

Grace Gourmet,
one of our re-branded clients


Tired of chasing leads?

A strategic website brings them to you

Imagine if your website was a:

✅ High-converting lead generation machine
✅ Place where connections are made and bonds are forged
✅ Reflection of the good work you do

You might be skeptical. Good. That means you’re a savvy business owner and don’t want to get burned. I’ve been burned too, and it sucks. Most marketing agencies take your money and outsource it to the cheapest bidder.

So that’s why my team and I make these promises:

Never Outsourced
Love in Every Project
Passionate Team
Simple Pricing
Operating from a place of love, not greed, we only take projects that we can do well for.

Don’t Take Our

Word For It,

Take Theirs

Having spent over two decades at Disney, my expectations are naturally high, and trust is earned, not given. Jonathan and the Baycoast Media team have consistently exceeded these expectations with their swift responses and exceptional service, going above and beyond what is typically encountered in the industry.

Dan Cockerell, former VP of Disney Magic Kingdom

What would you do if you

didn’t have to worry about leads?

✅ A simple, powerful website can ease your stress
✅ Working with us, your online presence remains relevant and effective – always.
✅ We take care of all the heavy lifting while your business enjoys more profitability and revenue.

What We Offer:

Strategic Deployment

With our team handling your web and marketing, you focus more on the activities you enjoy.

Digital Glow-Up

Your website is a powerful tool for brand storytelling and customer engagement, allowing you to attract customers naturally.

AI Chatbots

Stay ahead of the curve leveraging the latest technologies, including AI and mobile.

Story Telling Websites

A well-designed website is crucial for establishing trust with potential clients.


So Here’s My Offer

I will unlock the full potential of your business with a comprehensive video analysis, including a website, SEO, logo, branding, and social media review. 
I understand that your time is valuable, and there is a risk in committing it.
As a thank you, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Website, Social, and SEO full report (valued at $1,500).
  • 10-minute custom video loaded with insight (unique to you).

If you’ve ever wanted a website that’s fast, high-converting, and 100% managed forever, this is your moment.
I also include two very special bonuses:

Bonus 1

1-on-1 Consultation

30-minute Zoom consultation with Jonathan to discuss your website and business goals.

Bonus 1


Complimentary social media shout-out featuring your business to over 22,000 U.S.-based followers. (valued at $800).

Usually, you would pay several thousand dollars for this combination of services.

To get this on the marketplace today you’d spend $2,300 + bonuses.

The consultation alone is worth $497, but you won’t be paying any of that today, instead this offer is FREE today.

Why Are We Providing Such Value?

I’ll be fully transparent. Two reasons:

  1. This is the process that our prospects go through and then they are usually so impressed with the whole thing that they ask to become a client.
  2. Helping businesses grow is a passion. We actually love what we do.

We are a custom boutique marketing agency that takes the time to know each of our clients.
Delivering on our promises takes time, so we only accept 2-3 consults per month. That’s it.
Last year, we had a waiting list for over 8 months to work with us.
So, if you’re seeing this, then we have a consult remaining.
Lastly, I’d like you to know:
We operate from a place of love, not greed. That’s why we make our 100% happiness guarantee.

Want to Know How We Have a

4.9 Rating on Google?

We Do One Thing Exceptionally Well:

We create beautiful websites and make them famous with clever marketing

100% Happiness, Guaranteed.

With our team handling your web and marketing, you focus more on the activities you enjoy.

Award-Winning Websites

And I have to admit that I’m proud of our team for winning the Design Rush award for best website design company 2 years in a row.

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