Lexwerx Law Firm

Client Background

Lexwerx Law Firm is a Tampa-based based firm, founded by Paul R. Ferreira with over 30 years of domestic business experience. Fluent in multiple languages and holding licenses to practice law in several states, Paul specializes in serving committed small business owners in the Tampa Bay area, offering personalized legal counsel tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Project Scope

We were entrusted with the task of creating a full website and brand kit for Paul R. Ferreira’s law firm, along with modernizing their logo. The project aimed to renovate the firm’s online presence and communicate Paul’s profile, and professionalism to potential clients.


Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge our design team had for this project was to create a website that effectively showcased Paul’s extensive experience and diverse skill set while maintaining a professional and approachable image. We addressed this challenge by designing a website with a clean and modern layout, incorporating elements that highlight his background, expertise, and commitment to clients. Additionally, updating the logo helped to refresh the firm’s brand identity and align it with contemporary design standards. Want some inspiration? Check out his site here.


Our design team was able to capture the essence of the Lexwerx Law Firm and translate it into a full brand and website. The website is able to convey professionalism and credibility while showcasing Paul’s unique background and dedication to his clients. With a refreshed online presence, Paul’s law firm is well-positioned to attract and engage prospective clients, furthering its reputation as a trusted partner invested in the success of small businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

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