Lovelace Farms

Client Background

Lovelace Farms is a family-owned event venue in Dover, FL, that offers scenic views, and a tranquil environment for your celebrations. It provides a canvas for all types of close-knit celebrations, from corporate gatherings to fun birthdays, baby and bridal showers, and much more. Lovelace Farms focuses on crafting heartfelt memories that last a lifetime.

Project Scope

We collaborated with Lovelace Farms to redesign their website after an unfortunate incident that left them with an obsolete design that would not attract any customers or showcase their venue. Our services included website design, management, and development, as well as Google Business Profile marketing. Now they have a website that they can be proud of, check it out here.


Challenges and Solutions

Lovelace Farms faced the challenge of redesigning an obsolete and poorly built website, the creation of high-converting forms, and the challenge of increasing its visibility within the local community. We addressed these challenges by designing a minimalistic website with rustic and local charm, creating SEO strategies within the website design, and creating high-converting forms throughout the site.


Lovelace Farms received a full website redesign that portrays a homey, family-owned feel, for a venue that offers a canvas for tranquil and fun parties, alike. The SEO strategies and high-converting forms built into the site, helped Lovelace Farms rank higher in their area, driving popularity and engagement.

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