The Tiny Giant

Client Background

Jeff Steinberg is an award-winning inspirational speaker, who has overcome tremendous challenges since birth, has defied the odds and embraced life with optimism. His message of empowerment and resilience has resonated with audiences all over the world, allowing him to travel the globe sharing his story and encouraging others to embrace their potential.

Project Scope

The Baycoast Media team embraced the creation of a website that reflected Jeff’s unique humor and message. Additionally, the project involved developing a fully functioning store that would allow Jeff to distribute his music albums, art prints, and books.


Challenges and Solutions

Our main challenge was to create a website to communicate Jeff’s inspiring message while keeping a minimalist design that wouldn’t distract from the content. We addressed this challenge by focusing on a clean and simple design that highlights Jeff’s story and mission. Additionally, the development of a seamless payment portal ensured a user-friendly experience for customers.


The Tiny Giant website is a project of love from our team to Jeff. Crafted with care, this website is designed to be a full digital experience that encompasses his humor, personality and message. It now holds a fully-functioning shop so you can buy his art and CDs, and a user-friendly interface with minimalistic design.

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