What is a Click Funnel?

A click funnel is a series of interactions designed to turn cold prospects into customers by funneling them through sales stages. The “funnel” metaphor means you start with prospective buyers at the top and filter them down to your final consumer. The beautiful thing about funnels is that you can target high-value or ideal prospects.

The ultimate goal of a click funnel is not to make a single sale, but instead to upsell and create a lifetime of value for your consumer.

Why is a Click Funnel Important?

Built correctly, your click funnel is a permanent resource. You’ll be able to create relationships, sell more, and convert more prospects.  Understanding your funnel can helps you find the holes in the funnel — the places where prospects drop out and never convert.

Click Funnels: How They Work

The concept is simple:

  • A customer visits your clickbait (like a How-to-Article)
  • They engage and download your content in exchange for their information.
  • You offer them a special “no-brainer” deal
  • You upsell
  • You continue to sell through email marketing

There is an art and science to funnel-building, and it’s one that we enjoy. Our funnels have sold thousands of products. If you’d like to discuss, click below.