Cockerell Consulting

Client Background

Our long-time clients, Dan and Valerie Cockerell are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in leadership, storytelling, and business development gained from their outstanding careers at Disney Magic Kingdom. Thanks to their expertise, they are now able to conduct podcasts, courses, workshops, speeches, and more, to help others reach success in their personal and professional life.

Project Scope

We were tasked with building a comprehensive website for both of them that showcases their workshops, speaking opportunities, book purchases, consulting services, etc. Additionally, their website would need to be multilingual to cater to a diverse audience, while also including a payment portal for seamless transactions. Check out their website here .


Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge was to create a website that effectively communicated Dan and Valerie’s expertise while providing a user-friendly experience in various languages, without sacrificing their vision. We addressed this challenge by designing a minimalistic website with bold pops of color and interactive graphics.


The website successfully captures the essence of Dan and Valerie’s expertise and offers a platform for visitors to explore their offerings and engage with their content. The seamless design and intuitive navigation crafted by the Baycoast Media team enhance user experience, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. With the new website, Dan and Valerie continue to inspire and educate organizations worldwide.

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