Hero Deep Clean

Client Background

Hero Deep Clean is a women-owned cleaning service company in Tampa, FL, with a commitment to integrity, attention to detail, and excellence. Offering both commercial and residential cleaning services, they stand out for their dedication and top-notch cleaning solutions.

Project Scope

We partnered with Hero Deep Clean to design a website that effectively showcased the company’s core values, and the causes they support, while also generating leads. The goal was to create a visually captivating website that highlighted Hero Deep Clean’s unique identity with a comic book aesthetic.


Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge our team faced was building a complete brand from scratch for Hero Deep Clean so they could welcome new clients from their community and make their services known. They also wanted a unique design that would allow them to stand out in Tampa. Our design team addressed this challenge by incorporating elements of the “hero” and comic concept into the website design while maintaining a professional and polished aesthetic.


Hero Deep Clean successfully launched a website that effectively communicated its brand identity and values to its audience. They were able to showcase the causes they actively support (like the LGBTQIA+ community), while also hightlighting on being a women-owned business. Their comic book aesthetic allowed Hero Deep Clean to stand out in the competitive cleaning service industry.

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