Landcap Investment

Client Background

LandCap Homes is a real estate solutions provider in Riverview FL, offering custom home construction, renovations, consulting, property management, and funding services. With a commitment to helping clients build their dreams, LandCap Homes strives to deliver quality homes and services to families while also giving back to the community.

Project Scope

Our project for LandCap consisted of creating their full brand, including the development of a logo, brand kit, and website. The goal was to establish a brand that embodied elegance, sophistication, and class while effectively communicating LandCap Homes’ core values and services to its target audience.


Challenges and Solutions

Our design team had the challenge of creating a brand identity that reflected their quality and personalized service, while also conveying a sense of elegance. We addressed this challenge by designing a sophisticated logo and brand kit that captures the essence of luxury living and professionalism. Additionally, we developed a website with a sleek and modern design, showcasing their services and projects in a user-friendly manner. Want to see elegance? Check their site here.


LandCap Homes’ new brand identity now reflects their commitment to excellence through sleek and sophisticated design. Additionally, their website positions them as a trusted and reputable real estate solutions provider, showcasing their multiple services and commitment to their community.

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