Pure Polymer Solutions

Client Background

Pure Polymer Solutions is a water treatment company in Tampa, FL, dedicated to providing science-based solutions for industrial, commercial, and construction areas. With a strong commitment to environmental oversight and innovation, Pure Polymer Solutions specializes in customized blends tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Project Scope

We have collaborated with Pure Polymer Solutions, a long-time partner, and developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aimed at enhancing its online presence and reaching its target audience on all platforms. Our services included website design, social media, and Google Business Profile management.


Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges was establishing a strong online presence in the Tampa, FL area and effectively showcasing their green technology solutions. We addressed this by creating SEO strategies that would allow them to rank in their area, as well as creating a modern website that showcases Pure Polymer Solutions’ environmentally friendly technology. In addition, we identified and reached their ideal audience through careful research and analysis to further enhance their digital presence.


Pure Polymer Solutions successfully established a strong online presence and effectively showcased their commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative water treatment. Baycoast Media’s social media management strategy helped Pure Polymer Solutions build a community interested in sustainable water treatment solutions, along with increasing brand awareness and engagement.

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