Southern Exhibits

Client Background

Southern Exhibits is a multi-line distributor in Orlando FL, specializing in modular and portable exhibit displays. In addition to displays, they also provide signage, precision-cut laser graphics, lightboxes, recognition plaques, and other products applicable to various settings such as shops, offices, and custom-made rooms.

Project Scope

We were tasked with creating a website with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and local ranking. The website needed to showcase the client’s diverse range of products and services while incorporating elements to improve its visibility and ranking on search engines, particularly for local searches.


Challenges and Solutions

Our team faced the challenge of creating a website that would enhance their local ranking and would provide visitors a taste of their design services. We approached this challenge by crafting a colorful yet clean site that would allow their portfolio to stand out and be complemented by the site. Our marketing team also developed search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that would help them stand out in their area and industry.


Southern Exhibits now holds a strong online presence with local and industry ranking. Their website showcases their wide range of products and services in a modern and trendy design. Additionally, their website has been optimized through SEO strategies, improving visibility, and, as a result, the client is well-positioned to attract more traffic and generate leads through online channels.

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