901 Innovation

Client Background

901 Innovation is a Philadelphia-based business (occasionally offering events in New York) that specializes in team-building workshops and improv sessions designed for organizations and remote teams. They offer a unique approach to fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation through interactive sessions.

Project Scope

We were tasked by our now long-time client with building a website tailored to the corporate audience while incorporating elements of fun and creativity. The website needed to maintain a professional design while appealing to the playful nature of ‘class clowns’ within the corporate world.


Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge was to create a website that balanced professionalism with a sense of playfulness. Our team addressed this challenge by incorporating clever copy and witty messaging throughout the site, along with a sleek design. By infusing elements of humor into the website we were able encompass the client’s full personality, providing users a taste of the 901 experience. Sounds like fun? Visit the site here.


901 Innovation has now crafted an online presence through their website that showcases their team-building services, appealing to the ‘class clowns’ of the corporate world. The design, the clever copy and playful messaging is meant to resonate with the target audience, creating a memorable and engaging experience for visitors. This approach positions them as an innovative choice for organizations looking to foster collaboration and creativity among their teams.

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