Make Your Brand Stand Out

When you need anything, what do you do? You ask a friend! Social recommendations are a fast way to boost your business and revenue. Social media posting is the art of getting people to like you enough to recommend your service.

Social media posting does two powerful things for your brand.

  1. Builds name recognition
  2. Creates trust with your audience.

Even if no one likes your posts, you remain top of mind.

About Social Media Posting

You recommend people according to how well you feel you know them (recognition).

You recommend people according to how well you feel they are capable of the task (trust.)

These are powerful tools when connecting your business to your audience.

Moment of vulnerability: Ever heard the saying that the “Cobblers’ son has no shoes?”

We were the cobbler’s son at Baycoast Media. We managed our client’s social media accounts, but at the end of the day, we didn’t post on our own often.

So, we get it… We know it’s hard to run a business and post consistent and clever content.

Still… there is a lot of value in building trust and recognition.

If you’d like to have us put love into your social media posts, click below.