We specialize in WordPress repair

WordPress is the #1 CMS (content management system) in terms of accessibility and use. Because of that, it also holds the title of “The Most Attacked”. With over 55,000 plugins, by thousands of authors, it’s easy to see why WordPress is susceptible to hacks. If your WordPress website site is in need of maintenance and repair, we can help.

We Repair Your Website

Is your website in need of love? Need us to boot the bad guys and repair some code? We give you a fast, elegant, and modern design. We’ll do it with a flourish and even enhance your website security.

When it comes to fixing your website, you really only have two options.

  • Fix it yourself.
  • Hire someone to fix it.

You might save some money on upfront costs if you repair it yourself, but rarely does fixing the visible concerns repair the core problem. When you hire us to repair your site, we get thorough. We take the time to address the root concerns. We fix it from the inside out, and leave it better than new!