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Web design is the web site’s overall look that appears on the dashboard when you open any site on the internet. . Tampa website design offers professional and custom services to create personalized websites. Designing a web involves planning, organizing, and arranging different elements of a website, such as

  • The appearance or visual elements
  • Layout or structure
  • Content
  • Functional elements

These are the categories in which a website is designed to bring out a particular layout to perform certain functions. These elements have to be functional and play the role of a spine for any website.

Let’s look at these elements in detail to understand what web designing is

What is Web Design

What is Web Design

The appearance or Visual Elements

The appearance or visual elements are critical for any website to generate conversions. The better-looking visuals a website has, the greater audience it can capture.

Visual elements mainly include

  • Font
  • Color
  • Content

The font, color, and content should be coherent to give a complimentary vibe to the website. These elements are mainly decided on the basis of the type of website niche you are designing for.

Layout or Structure

Layout or structure refers to the functionality and affects the usability of the website. It’s crucial to understand the brand or the audience you are creating the website for.

The overall layout of the website should be clear and efficient to convey your message. It must not distract the audience from the purpose you generated the website for.

The next essential point is to make the layout user friendly to make it easily accessible for the visitor to keep hold of the visitor. Ensure the layout’s functionality such that he can explore the site and become a regular visitor.


The content usually involves shapes, images, and the written material on your website. The content attracts your visitors to visit your site regularly, eventually making them your regular audiences.

Content has little SEO details at the back and a front end that helps the site rank better. When it ranks better, you have more chances to get clicks and ultimately expect more conversions.

So the elements of a website design are all interlinked, thus unable to be ignored. Custom-built designs have better chances to get ranked and generate more leads in your E-commerce website.

Functional Elements

The functionality of the website is as essential as its appearance, layout, and content. The website should be designed such that it must be user friendly. In simpler words, the website should give its users the best possible experience while exploring it.

Now the functional elements involve

  • Navigation
  • Responsive and adaptive designs
  • Good speed
  • User friendly

The design should be compatible enough to run smoothly on any device without troubleshooting. It must be responsive and adaptive. For instance, if you run it on mobile, it works as well as it does on a desktop.

The speed must be fast to ensure the engagement of the user. Easy access to your pages is a must to captivate the attention of the visitor and make sure to provide him value by offering him all that he clicked the site for.

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