Honored to be a Top Real Estate Web Design Company in Tampa

Baycoast Media is Honored to be Nominated as a Top Real Estate Web Design Company in Tampa 

We are honored to be a Top Real Estate Web Design Company in Tampa! We pour love into each project, which is visible on every website we build. Our motley crew of creatives combine technical expertise with design skills to create beautiful, high-functioning websites. 


When tasked with designing a website for one of the top real estate agents in Central Florida, our team delivered in a big way. We created a sleek, modern website, complete with a Sell page, calendar integration on multiple pages, and captivating images and copy. Our client’s old website loaded in 8 seconds – even your own mother clicks away after 4 seconds. The new website boasted a 2-second load time and enhanced security. We even built in IDX integrations so our client could list MLS real estate listing live. 

As a top real estate web design company in Tampa, we go above and beyond to make our clients happy. To us at Baycoast Media, that means designing a beautiful, fast, high-converting site that best represents the goals of your real estate client. As an agent, you want both buyers and sellers. As a web design company, you want professionals who know how to build high-converting websites. Thank you for your trust to the Courtney Bass Team

Top Features of Your Go-to Web Design Company

Welcome to the topic “Top Features of Your Go-to Web Design Company.”

To go digital, we look for companies that provide web design services to build digital online portfolios.

With the increase in online working, a lot of people want to connect to businesses that have blogs or custom websites.

The internet and social media play a significant role in marketing your business to the public, and business brands are becoming more inclined to use the clever website design to make people aware of their products and services.

For this reason, you will likely want to consider a professional web design company to optimize your website effectively. So, the basic question that arises is which company is best?

To solve your problem, we have list top features that make a company the better. Many companies make websites, and it’s quite overwhelming for a newbie to know which company does superlative work.

After reviewing this article, you should know about features that are important to presenting your brand well on the internet.

Top 5 features to help decide the credibility of a web design company.

  • Attractive Portfolio
  • Easy Navigation
  • High-Quality Content
  • Contact Information
  • Interaction with Social Media

If a company has all these five features, it is likely credible enough, and you can hire without any worry.

Top Features of Your Go-to Web Design Company

Top Features of Your Go-to Web Design Company

Attractive Portfolio

An outstanding and attractive portfolio displays a web designing company’s competence, qualifications, and development skills. Plus, it is an easy way to check which services are provided by a particular company.

Easy Navigation

If a website is challenging to use, then it is quite useless. So, when you are looking to hire a company, you must check either it is easy or hard to use. Because, if the company’s website is difficult to navigate, it would probably design the same for you.

High-Quality Content

Content plays a vital role in ranking the website. The content has to be appealing yet user friendly to attract clients that can be ensured of high-quality work. If the website has easy to read and apprehend content, it is most likely loved by the visitors.

Contact Information

Contact information of any company must be placed on the home page, so the visitor can easily contact them. Thus, it is also a feature to help find a good company for web design.

Interaction with Social Media

Social media is used by everyone these days, and a renowned company must have its business pages on different social media platforms. You must visit these pages to know about the people’s experiences and reviews about the particular company.

Your go-to Web Design Company

Ensures customer’s satisfaction, advanced services, and solutions to problems. It should be reliable and provide a good business model for your service or product. If you want to make a website for your brand or service, you must need a good design company. To solve your problem, we have listed five crucial features that are involved in making a website credible.

Have any questions regarding the topic Top Features of Your Go-to Web Design Company? Feel Free to message us at [email protected]. We are local Clearwater and Tampa creative who love website design and SEO.

The Importance of Professional Web Design

Revised Aug 17, 2021.

With the advancement in new technology, people prefer to work and engage with brands online. A strong online presence is essential to build reputation in the market industry.

In the same way, websites are a powerful way to engage the audience and create more customers locally as well as internationally.

People are inclined to engage with creative websites that facilitate users and solve problems. That’s why a good professional web design service will provide a customized solution to the client’s requirements.

Why Is It Important to Design A Website Professionally?

Is it actually important to design a website professionally? We think so! When a visitor comes to any website, the first thing he observes is the website’s flow.

A website that is professionally-designed acts as a paramount asset and ensures an excellent first impression for all its visitors.

Professional web designing services are essential for enhancing the website’s first impression and making it eye-catching.

Web Design Services Should Include

  1. Designs provides a professional look
  2. SEO-friendly content
  3. Website built on WordPress, Webflow, or Wix.
  4. Effective Plug-ins
  5. Lightweight Themes

These services play a significant role in making a professional website; thus, you can follow these steps to create a high-quality website.

Websites must provide a professional look and user-experience.

Design plays a significant role in the appearance of a website. The design must be symmetrical, have proper alignment, and use a good heat-map with SEO-friendly content

Want to rank your website on the first page of Google?

SEO friendly content and the website have to be designed in a way to ensure optimization of your targeted keywords. If the content is not optimized, then it is useless for SEO purposes. You must create good quality and keyword optimizaed content. It will help in the ranking process as well as search engine placement.

Websites on WordPress

WordPress is the #1 used platform for website creation. It is user-friendly and offers a high-quality web platform. It is preferred by most web designers, and can create websites that are innovative and engaging.

Effective Plug-in installation

Plug-ins dramatically alter the performance and speed of your website. The most used plug-in is Yoast SEO, and it helps in SEO optimization. Our favorite feature? It indicates the readability of the your blog content.

Lightweight Themes

A good lightweight theme is critical for a fast website. We frequently use the Avada Theme but you will want to manipulate the settings to remove excess and redundant coding.

Solid Images

Image compression is required for enhancing the appearance of the website while still making it eye-catching. Images play a significant role in managing the color combinations of the website. Using good compression will speed up time to “first paint” on each of your website’s pages.

Final Thought

A website should be professionally-designed to deliver an excellent impression to the visitor. If a website is poorly designed, then it is of no use. Check the services mentioned above to ensure a professional feel for your brand.

Our User-friendly websites provide amazing user experience, and professional websites are capable of holding their visitors and hence improve conversions and ROI.

Have a project to discuss? Feel free to reach us at 727-280-5370.

Baycoast Media team is full of passionate creatives who love web design and SEO. Feel free to visit any of our office locations in Tampa & Clearwater, or simply email us at [email protected] to discuss your next project.

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Tampa Web Design | How to get perfect web design

How to get Perfect Website Design in Tampa

An excellent user experience with your website will give your brand much recognition. The identity and culture a brand can generate online is amazing. We live in a digital world, and every business or company should ensure an online presence 24/7.

For a beginner to design a website can be overwhelming because there many requirements that play a vital role in perfect website design.

At the end of this article, you should know the basic strategies that will help you design your website perfectly.

A few tips for you:

  1. Have a balanced design
  2. Use different colors or a stunning color palette. (2 or 3)
  3. Use grids and sections to compartmentalize
  4. Create graphics that work well together.
  5. Pick a complimentary font & typography
  6. Connect all the elements.
  7. Create a balanced design

The basic step to make a perfect design is to analyze your goals and objectives. What’s the one action you want the user to take when they land on your website? That’s your Call-To-Action or (CTA). The CTA should live on every page.

Tampa Web Design

Tampa Web Design

  1. Use complimentary colors or themes

If you want to have more traffic on your website, then you must make it eye-catching. Use complimentary colors and themes to perfectly design the layout and posts for your website and make it attractive.

The content, theme, and colors should all have cohesion. They structure of your website reflects your brand. Once a visitor engages with your site, he or she should convert into your customer.

  1. Use grids to compartmentalize the design

Before you start to design your website, you need to structure your initial grid. A grid is helpful because inside of it lives different sections. You get to manage screen size, font, color, typography, CTA and so much more. Use your grid to make your website eye-catching.

  1. Create graphics that work well together

Graphics also play a great role in making a perfect website. You should customize the images and compress the file sizes to maximize your speed, performance and design potential. This allows for excellent illustrations on your website. As they say.. a picture is worth a thousand words. and design of graphics.

  1. Complimentary Font & Typography 

Different fonts and typography play a big role in making a first impression. We recommend you use Google Fonts for readability with a backup in Arial.  A backup allows one to default if the other typeface can’t be loaded by your user’s operating system. You must select a font that is easy to read and comprehend.

  1. Connect All Components

A good website consists of many different components, and each of these components must be connected in a good way. Your goal with perfect website design is consistency and unity among all the different components. If the components are not connected well, then the reader won’t engage. Triple check that all the components work together in harmony.

The Perfect Website Design

Using the tips above you should be able to design a perfect and eye-catchy website! If you need any further guidance, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for checking out our Baycoast Media Blog. Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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